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Welcome to Tree Removal Millbrae. We are a service company delivered directly to your doorstep, as we provide comprehensive and top-notch tree services on all non-agricultural land. Our tree service is very effective, and always looking to provide the best tree removal, stump grinding, stump removal, tree trimming, tree pruning, cables and bracing, tree surgeons, arborist health care, emergency tree service, emergency tree removal, and so much more; depending on the demand of our customers. Our team is all licensed, insured, and always eager to help our local Millbrae, landscape residents.

The Tree Removal Millbrae team helps to reinforce and improve our staff training and educating our team every year. Our tree experts and arborists all are insured to carry out all types of work around vegetation control and much more. We have been growing for more than 25 years, and always looking to expand to our next destination. We want to continue to go further, and we bet with our efforts that our future will be full of new challenges, new projects, and above all, new incorporations.

Thanks to this combined training and certification, we are able to meet the service requirements of our satisfied customers for trees. Our policy, occupational risk prevention, and environment, ultimately exceed their expectations. Because of us and for this reason, it is the integral security of our clients, that we serve them our priority and our responsibility. The values that we have practiced during these years of existence identify us as the best tree service and tree removal arborists in all of Millbrae.

It’s that we are a multipurpose team, with the capacity to adapt quickly and easily to any situation, which has allowed us to offer availability and immediacy to the requirements of our clients, satisfying their needs, and rewarding the trust that they have placed in us. Our customers motivate us to continue growing as a service company and as a team. We never stop learning and improving every day in everything we do. Our mission is to be the most reliable and safe tree removal and pruning company in Northern California. To get your free quote, please give us a call at (650)-735-8684 for more information about our services.

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Our Reputation And Management

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Still, exploring our services? Well, let us take you through some checkpoints for why you should hire us! Our tree services are so valued by the people we hire. All of our team members go through intense training so that they are ready to serve you. This includes topics like tree service, stump removal, tree surgeon, tree trimming and pruning, cables and bracing, and emergency tree service. The Tree Removal Millbrae team is always looking to take on more tree work, so give us a call anytime at (650)-735-8684 and one of our certified arborists will be happy to provide the best tree service.

Experienced and Professional: Yup! That’s correct. Our team has over 25 years of experience working in the tree service and tree removal industry, and we love working in the Millbrae area. Our job is ranked among some of the most dangerous jobs out there, so it’s very important that you choose to work with a professional. We’ve seen many cases of individuals trying to perform tree removal on their own, only to be left with serious damage to their property, and in some cases, to themselves.

Certification and License: We always make sure to hire and train our staff according to the proper guidance laws. This is to ensure you that all of our team members are certified to work in normal situations. That being said, please be aware that our clients are always protected against any liability. The Tree Removal Millbrae arborist team will always ensure the best tree service, while also providing the best safety to you and your property while the tree work and maintenance is being performed.

Affordable Prices and Discounts: As mentioned above, we offer free quotes and estimates to all potential customers, but it’s really much easier to just give us a call directly, as we’d love to drive by and take a look at your property in person. We always support your needs and offer an honest price that is beneficial for both parties, as our experts will ensure that every job is run smoothly. Most tree service companies will offer twice as much while performing half the expectations as well do.

Residential and Commercial: With Tree Removal Millbrae, we offer a solid mix of both residential and commercial real estate. For more information, please continue reading down below, or simply reach out and contact us. We try to take on any job no matter the situation our client may be in. Our team of arborists is always looking to take on more tree jobs, so regardless of the type of property you may own, they will be ready to handle the work. Our team of arborists is very talented and looks forward to your call.

We Always Get The Job Done

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The two main reasons that can lead to the removal of trees are insufficient holes and trees with inadequate radical systems. The first reason for removing a tree, particularly in cities, begins with inadequate tree planting, which is closely related to the quality of a city’s soil. When the quality of the soil is not considered, it ends up becoming one of the biggest problems, since it is the place where the tree’s root system has to develop. It’s common in a city to find impoverished soil, with excess lime or very compacted, added to the presence of electricity, telephone, water, and gas pipes.

For this reason, it’s very common to observe, when walking through our cities, plantations in urban alignments made in holes of little dimension and in unsuitable soils to obtain a good root development, which is why they generally raise the pavement, affecting urban planning or putting construction risk. There are many other reasons why a tree might need to be removed, so if you happen to be facing any type of issue that would require our tree services, then we recommend contacting us as soon as possible by giving us a call at (650)-735-8684 and one of our arborists would be more than happy to take a look at your situation.

The second main reason why a tree might be in need of tree removal or tree services is the fact that trees as living beings and all their parts are connected and it depends on the operation of each one of them. Any alteration in the aerial part or in the underground part will have an answer. If there is destruction in part of the root system, there is a decrease in the supply of water and food, which can cause a depreciation in the tree’s crown.

So, the tree is conditioned to its support, the soil. Maintaining a good root system to have a healthy tree, requires balanced conditions of aeration, adequate water content, organic material, and nutrients for its normal development. The growth of the root system responds to the specific behavior of each species. Any disturbance around a tree can affect its root system and may require an additional tree support. Inadequate depth, waterproofing, mechanical resistance by compaction, trenches, all conditions of the urban environment can be unfavorable and eventually cause damage to the tree’s crown.

So much of the aging of a tree is related to the deterioration of its root system. Ignoring these two reasons has its consequences and who ends up assuming them generally, are the trees. Planting trees near constructions, inadequately pruning, tree trimming, tree cabling, or other tree services that would require sufficient knowledge of their root system to construct adequate tree holes and plant the appropriate trees, thus avoiding damage that leads to their subsequent elimination.

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Benefits Of Working With Us

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We offer you the best tree service and that includes commercial and residential tree care. The Tree Removal Millbrae team has all the modern equipment and advanced technology needed to perform any tree job, and together with our valuable human team, can remove branches, foliage, and trunks, taking care of the landscape and existing infrastructure. Our team of tree surgeon and arborists, as well as the tree removal process, always take zealous care in dismantling the tree, lowering it branch by branch so as not to cause damage to your property.

If required, we can chip the material on-site, for use as fertilizer in the garden. We take care of cleaning your property, leaving it free of debris. We take care of your safety. We have all the right equipment, a variety of wood chippers, and chainsaws to make the job easier and faster. Thanks to the modernity and capacity of our equipment, we can offer fast service, specialized advice, and a complete tree removal service at the best market price. No matter the size of the tree, we are specialists in tree removal, because there is no tree that we cannot clear, remove, or dispose of. Please refer to our locations page for more help in the Millbrae area.

We take care of any residential or commercial plant control work, from pruning to tree removal to work in confined spaces. When the removal of a tree may be a difficult and dangerous task, we are the recommended ones to do that activity. We adapt to the circumstances, whether the tree is in a precarious position or between two structures or is simply of immense size, we remove it. Our safety policy allows us to take extreme precautionary measures and care in all possible solutions that we consider in the elimination of a tree considered dangerous. We safeguard lives and infrastructure from any potential danger or risk.

Keep in mind that the Tree Removal Millbrae family is a proud company that has fully qualified climbers and arborists to ensure safety and quality of work at the highest level. Remember, no matter how tall the tree is, we have the equipment and skills to do the job right. We cut in the hardest to reach places. The safety of your property and home is our priority. We can quickly and efficiently remove any size of a tree. Just give us a call at (650)-735-8684 ​for more details. If we happen to be overbooked for any reason, please visit our friends at Tree Guys, Erickson Quality Tree Works, or Allen Tree Service. 

We Never Stop Working!

Tree Removal Millbrae Story

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The Tree Removal Millbrae team takes great pride in maintaining our reputation as the best tree experts and arborists in the area. From what started as a simple tree service job 25 years ago, our leader and tree surgeon expert realized the potential of his talents to provide his tree service skills to all homeowners in Millbrae city. Over time, other tree arborists, who were just getting their certification and license to perform tree service at the time, took interest in our owner’s talents and therefore decided to join his team. It took a few years, but Tree Removal Millbrae was created.

The tree removal and tree service industry is ranked as the most difficult type of business to get involved in. It was mainly due to this reason that Tree Removal Millbrae was formed because our teams desire to help those in need of our tree removal, tree trimming, tree pruning, tree surgeon, arborist, cables and bracing, and emergency tree service was and still is greatly desired by homeowners everywhere. We’ve come across many cases, and most of the time property owners wish to improve their landscape and lawn care.

It’s no secret that everyone prefers to keep their property looking clean and fresh, which is why our team of arborists and tree experts is always happy to take on the work. Since our industry requires such heavy lifting and maintenance, we always recommend consulting with a professional tree service like ourselves before starting any type of tree removal project. Far too many times have we seen homeowners attempt to do tree work to their own property, which ultimately resulted in even worse conditions.

The Tree Removal Millbrae team will always be happy to provide a free quote and estimate to those in need of our tree services, so please give us a call (650)-735-8684 and we’ll be more than happy to come by your property to view the situation. The Millbrae area contains a lot of trees, and as you can probably imagine, we do tend to be very busy on a daily basis. Our team of arborists is always available to take calls, as well as additional tree work, but please keep in mind that an appointment will have to be set in order for us to swing by and take a look at your property.

Due to this situation, our team has decided to gather its resources and provide a free about section on this website, in order to help educate you on our industry and tree business. If you happen to see an article that you deem untruthful or inactive, then please consult with one of our tree experts and we’ll be more than happy to speak with you about it or check out our other locations, such as San Bruno if you have any questions regarding where we serve.

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Our Company Goal And Mission

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We put at your service more than 25 years of professional experience, we offer a variety of different services delivered directly to your door. We provide arborist or tree care, if needed in tree cutting service, tree removal, stump removal, tree health care, pruning and trimming, cable and brace removal, 24/7 emergency tree removal, and much more, we fit your needs. If you notice that a tree has contact with high voltage wires, contact us immediately. With our specialists, we can help trees benefit our environment, improve the urban landscape and air quality.

We help them provide wildlife habitat and advice on evaluating needing tree removal, stump grinding, or tree pruning applications to ensure that trees of high environmental and aesthetic value can only be removed when strictly necessary. At Tree Removal Millbrae we cater to a wide variety of clients such as residential, commercial, departmental or government, public, private educational institutions, and property management groups. Our team and specialists are capable of working on conditions or property. We have been accumulating experience in tree care at affordable prices for over 25 years, so view the policy page, as our arborist can certify it!

We operate in Northern California, from where we can provide fast, quality service. We cover a variety of surrounding areas, so it doesn’t matter where you are located. If you need a tree removal service, stump removal, pruning and trimming, tree service, arborist, contact us today, at (650)-735-8684 ​and will we do tree care at affordable prices. Remember, no matter where you may be, our goal is to serve you promptly and provide you with quality service, keeping your property safe.

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