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Our goal is to provide efficient, safe, and superior tree services, as we back it up with our customer service guarantee. Before disposal, our arborists check all safety protocols before proceeding with the tree removal. Trees are undesirable for many reasons, such as superficial roots that affect the pavement and the lawn until they end up dying from various causes. When a tree dies, it must be removed as soon as possible. The health of a tree shows signs of being damaged, it has a hollow trunk, its top is broken or it has large damaged branches or all the dead branches on one side.

Trees can be a safety risk to people or property, which is why the solution is tree trimming, pruning, stump removal, or tree removal. If there are signs of fungus and disease, sprouts from the base of the tree, there has been excavation in the vicinity of the tree causing damage to the roots, or if the tree is under power, telephone, and other environmental-related lines and historical values.  The solution may be pruning and trimming or removal. Tree Removal San Mateo is a lover of green and our team of arborists preserve the environment and act after the inspection made by our tree removal experts.

We cover virtually all of the San Mateo city, and the surrounding areas as we are proud to provide all of the tree services related to vegetation control and more. Contact us today, at (650)-735-8684 for our prices and affordable offers. Remember, no matter where you may be, our goal is to serve you on time and provide you with quality service, keeping you and your property safe. If you need to cut or are in need of tree removal and want the most qualified tree people in the area, we are the company to call today.

We pride ourselves in not only offering, but doing tree removal, stump grinding and stump removal, pruning and trimming tree service, and tree care at affordable prices, efficiency, and quality throughout San Mateo and the surrounding areas. The Tree Removal San Mateo team will then visit your home or business at an agreed-upon time for a proper inspection, to discuss options and prices that may fit your needs for a free, no-obligation quote. We will be happy to serve you and take care of any tree removal.

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Tree Felling San Mateo

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At this point it is important to study the tree itself to establish from which side it tends to lean on naturally, it will make it easier to carry out the felling in that direction as long as it is a viable option. It is also necessary to analyze the trunk, which is the work of the arborist. If it is rotten or hollow, special care must be taken because the trunk can cause damage. We check everything else established in the planning such as the terrain, surrounding area for obstacles that may be in the way of the fall, which is why we prepare for tree felling as well.

We then prepare the tree for proper handling once it is on the ground and make sure everything else is handy and secured. Here at Tree Removal San Mateo, our team will then establish at least two escape routes that can be used if required while the tree is falling, one on each side of the tree away from the expected fall line. The falling of the tree starts with a V-cut and a 45-degree cut in the part of the trunk where we want it to fall. For information regarding why you should remove a tree, then take a look at the tree removal process for how we determine when it’s best to call a professional.

Our team of arborists and tree experts will always be happy to provide you with expert advice and answer any questions you may have. Inclusively, from our planning to waste management. Making the undercut allows you to plan the fall of the tree towards the most desired area. All the work is done in a controlled manner where we use ropes and pulleys to lower the cut pieces to the ground, allowing us to work around any obstacle. Once on the ground, with our wide range of equipment, machinery, and experience we provide the best possible preparation of the trunk for safe transport. We conclude with the collection of debris and clean up the area.

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