Tree Trimming San Mateo

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The tree trimming and tree pruning activity itself is simple, as long as it is performed by experts or specialists in the field. One bad pruning can cause inconvenience over time, both for the tree and for what is around it. It is important to remember that tree trimming and pruning is to beautify and keep the tree healthy like any living being, so it is essential to take into account its biological needs. At Tree Removal San Mateo we take this activity very seriously. For our team of arborists, the diagnosis of our tree trimming and tree surgeons are needed, who determines the procedure to be performed.

Here at Tree Removal San Mateo, we have the most certified arborists and qualified tree experts who can handle any tree services, such as cutting and pruning trees with professional care so they may recover quickly and maintain their excellent shape. Our passion for green leads us to make an assessment and determine what other of these living beings can be helped. With our experience of over 25 years, we know all about the health of a tree and how to care for them so that they grow or can be properly maintained. We can service and provide our tree services to any residents in the San Mateo area, as well as the surrounding neighborhoods.

In general, all trees should be trimmed once a year, preferably at the end of winter because trees have no foliage and allow for a better view of the branches and the growth of the tree is not affected, there is no need for sap production, as it is when it is in full growth; like spring or summer. Minimal risk of certain fungi that can enter the cut. The exception, the trees that flower in early spring, which should not be pruned until after flowering. Examples are peach blossom, plum blossom, aroma, Judea tree, jacaranda, etc. Fruit trees require pruning every year for proper fruiting, so please give us a call at (650)-735-8684 if you need tree services.

Ornamental trees should only be pruned only when necessary, as the plants do not need tree trimming since we prune them for our own benefit. The types of tree trimming, formation, and maintenance, are applied according to the location of the tree and the control that they demand. Tree trimming is guided by our arborist, who has the skills and know the art to perform it correctly. Tree Removal San Mateo and our team have the experience and knowledge accumulated of over 25 years to perform all different types of tree trimming and tree pruning operations in San Mateo, as well as the surrounding areas at safe, professional, and at affordable prices.

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Tree Pruning San Mateo

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Let us remember that the objective of pruning is to beautify and maintain the tree healthy, as a living being that it is, so it is indispensable to consider its biological needs. The main reason for pruning fruit trees is basically to clean up the plant, which consists of removing the damaged or unproductive branches, which continue to demand energy and weaken it. This allows restituting the strength of the tree, which increases its mechanical resistance for the distribution of the fruit and stimulates it to improve its fruits, making them more delicious in higher volumes.

If besides the fruit tree is in a populated area, it is having contact with electrical service lines. It requires specialized a special type of tree service. ​Here at Tree Removal San Mateo our arborists are well qualified and fully insured to perform all types of tree maintenance that may be required. Our team of tree experts can also advise and accompany you technically in the care of trees, conservation of landscaping, and help you avoid some problems in the future. Just like people, trees also deserve at least an annual inspection to verify their health and receive from our tree surgeons, the proper attention.

Crown cleaning is the removal of tree crown growth. Some types of trees naturally develop large numbers of sprouts, such as certain types of lime trees. Other trees may have sprouts due to stress or excessive pruning. Cleaning the top of a tree or crown requires proper tools and solid knowledge. In this activity, any branches or dead wood from the tree are removed, particularly if it is in a hazardous area, such as a slope, roadside, bus stop, or regularly used garden area.

The crown cleaning is usually only carried out on trees within the urban environment and not on trees in forest areas, as the accumulation of deadwood within a tree is the perfect habitat for different forms of fungi and insects that initiate the food chain, as well as increased biodiversity. ​The Tree Removal San Mateo team will always execute this activity with the seriousness that the case deserves. We send our top arborists to make the necessary diagnosis, in order to make a selective cleaning and protection of the ecosystem. Please refer to the attached link for more information regarding our tree trimming process and business standards.

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